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Each of our four rooms have been designed to challenge teams in a variety of ways.

Whether you enter the lab of a mad scientist or race the clock to defuse a bomb, we are sure you’ll find the right experience for your group.

So bring your friends, family or workmates – what room are you going to try next?

About the Rooms

The Deranged Scientist

Professor Skoda has finally been captured – the mad genius behind the deadly outbreak of Virus X. Millions of lives have been claimed around the globe and a cure is still yet to be found. You are tasked with locating an antidote allegedly hidden within the professors lab to put an end to the devastating effects of Virus X.

The Terror Cell

Your team has been tasked to investigate a suspected Extremists cell inside an abandoned building in the Newcastle CBD.  Your aim is to gather enough evidence to make an arrest and stop the terror cell’s progress on Australian soil.

Blast Radius

Zamorians have held you and your friends captive for 27 days. You managed to break out and have located your friends who are locked in a room with an explosive device. Can you free them and deactivate the bomb before it destroys Newcastle?

Room 13

Your team forms Newcastle’s classified Paranormal Investigation Unit. Your latest assignment is a residential crime scene abandoned by the forensic team when they started experiencing strange phenomenon. This room is not for the faint of heart.

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