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Unexpected Exit currently has four different rooms to choose from – scroll down to find out more about each.

If you are still undecided, we typically recommend ‘The Deranged Scientist’ room for beginners or casual puzzlers. On the other end of the spectrum is the long-unsolved ‘Terror Cell’ which provides a more demanding experience.



The Deranged Scientist

Players: 3-10                    Difficulty: 5/10

Professor Skoda has finally been captured – the mad genius behind the deadly outbreak of Virus X. In just under 100 days the virus has claimed millions of lives across the globe, with a cure still yet to be found.

With the location of the Professor’s lab now known, your team has been selected to search the lab for the antidote. When your team arrives and enters the dimly lit room, the door closes and locks behind you. A plume of gas fills the air and a taunting note from the professor reads – “Enjoy your last 50 minutes on Earth…”

This room is an excellent starting point for those new to escape rooms or an enjoyable challenge for the more experienced.

Blast Radius

Players: 3-6                    Difficulty: 6/10

You and your friends have been held captive by a Zamorian terrorist organisation for 27 days. Negotiations have failed and a special operations task group is working to find your location.

You have managed to escape the room you were being held in and have gone in search of the rest of your friends. Just as you found them, the last terrorist activated a timed explosive device in their room and sealed all the doors before taking his own life.

The device is capable of causing great destruction to the city of Newcastle. Can you save your friends and Newcastle before it’s too late?

Abandon Ship

Players: 2-8                    Difficulty: 5/10

The year is 2007 and you are a part of a multi-national crew onboard the coal ship, The Pasha Bulker. You are stuck in a bad storm a few kilometres out to sea from the city of Newcastle.

(Based on the true events of the 2007 super storm)

When the situation goes from bad to worse, will your team have what it takes to get to safety before it’s too late?

Room 13

Players: 2-4                    Difficulty: ?/10

As Newcastle’s hardened Paranormal Investigation Unit, your team has seen it all – or so you thought. Your latest assignment is a residential crime scene abandoned by the forensic team when they started experiencing strange phenomenon.

The victims diary was recovered from the scene and its contents are fascinating – strange sketches, incoherent ramblings and mentions of rituals. Using our latest prototype device you will enter the room and attempt to reach the heart of the disturbance.

This room is a bit different from our other escape rooms. It has been designed to unsettle more than puzzle those who enter.

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